What’s next…?

Whilst the food industry on a very broad scale continues to evolve within the ever-changing world we live in, you could be excused for feeling it is currently in somewhat of a rut. Supply, demand and sustainability Since our last blog, little has changed ‘for the better’.  Increasing food costs, challenging climate conditions and post-Brexit […]

What a year!

After what has been an absolute scorcher of a summer with record breaking temperatures reached during July and August this year, the cooler, wetter weather has finally arrived.  The unprecedented weather conditions that have been experienced worldwide over the course of 2022 have had a huge impact on our food chain.  The ‘cost of living’ […]

Looking Ahead

After an uncertain start to the New Year it seems that the world as we once knew it may finally, if somewhat timidly, be heading towards a cautious reopening of its doors to the rest of the world once again.  This is welcome news for the hospitality and travel industries which have not experienced the […]